Friday, August 5, 2011

100101001100100101 (Source Code)

I decided to go ahead and share my work thus far via a google code project. I'm not exactly sure how useful any of this is going to be because my code is very much dependent on the Quickie P-220 wheelchair joystick which I've hacked... which means, in order to really use this code, not only will you have to get ahold of that particular wheelchair; but you'll have to hack into the controller in the same way I did... (And build the Arduino Shield I built... and Hack your wrt54g router... and... and....)

Get the picture?

Ok, enough chitter chatter. Here is the source code for both the Arduino and Java TCP Base station (Control Center):
Google Code Mowstation Trunk

Oh, also, I wanted to mention that I've solved my issue with the robot wandering off when power was lost... Previously I had the arduino powered through a portable energizer, and just the webcam and router powered through the inverter... which meant, I could lose power to the router, but the arduino would still stay on (And keep driving the motors).

I fixed this by purchasing a separate 12V battery from walmart for 20 bucks (Not the biggest battery in the world mind you... but it was a 'lawn and garden' battery, which seemed fitting for a robot mower). I then hooked the inverter up to that battery and made use of the two AC ports for webcam / router, and this inverter also has a USB port, which I plugged the arduino directly into.

Oh wow! A new battery for me??

Now I just need to start choppin' some metal and weld this beast together so that it can support the weight of a mower... this will be interesting.

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