Monday, July 18, 2011

We have a wheelchair... and data sheet!

So, I've managed to purchase a great working wheelchair off craigslist, for $150 USD. Really, a steal if you ask me:

Quickie P-220

(Mine is actually black, with sparkles!)

I disassembled the chair after confirming it works, and took apart the joystick... this is going to be an easy hack I think... (dangerous last words, I know.) I managed to find the datasheet for the joystick online, so the plan is to provide a relay or switch of some sort to swap between joystick control, and arduino control. When running off the arduino, I will simply replicate the interface.

(Purty picture of disassembled joystick)

Also, here is the base of the wheel chair with motors on the hack-stand for processing.

Coming together!


  1. What type of joystick controller is used?
    Where did you find its data sheet ?

  2. can you please provide the data sheet


  3. Kindly i want the driver circuit for the joystick d50800
    and the circuit diagram for interfacing...thnx