Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mowstation is a goooo!

I've just started the planning phase for my next project, so I decided to start a blog to document the process.

Basically, I about passed out yesterday mowing in 100+ weather, and thought to myself... "Self, this blows. There has to be a better way.".

I've long considered the idea of creating an RC mower... but even with that, you still have to stand outside, which is stupid. I mean really, whats the point of having a remote mower if you have to stand in eye sight and watch it mow.

Mowstation is going to be a totally different way of mowing. You will sit yourself in a mowpit (Think video game cockpit) inside your house (Its air conditioned after all). The mowpit will control all aspects of the mower, using a steering wheel, break/gas pedals, and live video/sensor monitoring, and gps tracking of the mower.

Here is my current parts list:
*Electric Wheel Chair
*Wireless N Camera
*Arduino w/Relay to control Motors (And Motor controller for speed etc...)
*Small Base Station Laptop, with Wireless N, and USB to connect to Arduino
*GPS Sensor, Temp Sensor

*Large 25" Monitor
*Steering Wheel
*Foot Pedals
*Throttle Joystick
*PC With Wireless N

There will be a fair bit of code to write to support all of this, but that's the fun part. Essentially, there will be server code (running at the mowpit) and client code (running on the mowbot).

More details coming soon!

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